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Professional Diamond (not laser) tool sharpening

What in fact, may be diamond sharpening knives, manicure, hairdressing, cosmetology, pedicure and household tools? Since the substitution of concepts such as diamond and laser tool sharpening there is a misunderstanding, because she made on sharpening abrasives. Abrasives & ndash; This material, which is carried out by means of sharpening: diamond chips or pasta, or a disc with a diamond coating. There are tools such as a pencil or diamond needle file, but not in the nature of things such as a laser or laser needle file paste.

So what is meant by the laser, when it comes to sharpening?

In the production of such costly items as scissors, fine products used in medicine, of small parts used in manufacturing, etc. using laser quality control. laser line passes over the sharpened edge of the product, and if there is an error in manufacturing or sharpening angle, the laser cuts a piece of metal, after which the instrument or item just throw as its cutting properties are damaged! This is the basis of high-precision test products, and called such a check, the laser quality control!

By sharpening, we use 5 types of diamonds — a different kind of abrasives with different grit!

Thus, you have the opportunity to make our next sharpening:

  • diamond sharpening knives
  • diamond sharpening hairdressing scissors
  • diamond sharpening nail scissors
  • diamond sharpening nail cutters
  • diamond sharpening of manicure tweezers
  • diamond sharpening of tweezers
  • diamond sharpening knives
  • diamond sharpening pushers
  • diamond sharpening clipper
  • diamond sharpening Thinning scissors
  • diamond sharpening tailoring scissors
  • diamond sharpening pruners
  • diamond sharpening blades on grinder
  • diamond knife sharpening machines for hairdressers

The eternal question of substitution of concepts in sharpening

professional (non-laser) diamond sharpening tools