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Маникюрные инструменты

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Ножницы для кожи ручной работы
1 299,00 ₽ 590,00 ₽
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Чехол для маникюрного, парикмахерского инструмента, из ткани
1 489,00 ₽
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Набор для маникюра (10 предметов)
6 750,00 ₽
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Набор для маникюра — Сердце
4 000,00 ₽
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Кусачки для кутикулы OLTON - XS
4 500,00 ₽
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Шабер №3
450,00 ₽
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Шабер №2
450,00 ₽
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Шабер №1
350,00 ₽
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Щипчики для кутикул №2-8
2 790,00 ₽


Make a beautiful, high-quality manicure it is very easy you just have a little patience and a small arsenal of necessary
manicure tools

Buying a pair of scissors, tweezers or pliers, or other manicure tools, pay close attention to the material from which they are made. Mighty manicure tools simply can not be cheap, because they are made from a special, high-quality medical steel, which is subjected to special heat treatment to increase the wear resistance, hardness and resistance to corrosion.

It is important to know also that the manual sharpening professional manicure tools, produced by a qualified technician in a modern studio, manicure tools provides maximum long life.

Tweezers and scissors to remove the cuticles

To remove the cuticle can be used as tongs and special scissors. Some artists prefer to use two tools simultaneously nail: tweezers leather trimmed on the sides of the nail, and the arc itself & ndash; scissors.

Tweezers, as indeed any other manicure tools should be comfortable to lie well in the hand. When closing and opening the tweezers should not be heard outside noise, clicks, course – not tight, but not too soft. Smooth Arc tool will provide accurate and clear cut & ndash; manicure tweezers should not tear or « bite » or « chews » skin. When dealing with the cuticle tool blade should be as pressed against the nail.

Nail scissors

Nail clippers should be closed tightly and smoothly. Soft, smooth action, smooth, without breaks and jagged cutting edges, between which there is a small gap, no looseness in the joint & ndash; these are the main features of a quality manicure instruments. Provided professional hand sharpening of manicure tool cutting edges can be sharp for several years.


Nail clippers are very delicate instrument that can be easily damaged when dropped. Restoration of damaged edges of manicure instruments worth several times more expensive than their sharpening, so neat and competent treatment – an important condition when working with wire cutters, for that matter, with any other manicure tools.

Quality clippers have a smooth, somewhat elastic stroke eliminated looseness in the joint, sticking and clicks when opening and closing. The ideal width of the jaws of the instrument manicure – to 0.5 mm. If it no longer may have difficulty with cutting the cuticles on the side bolsters. The convergence of the cutting edges of the tool – from nose to tail (except for pedicure pliers, construction of which provides a compound of the blades from the entire length).

Choosing manicure tool, pay attention to his appearance: inaccurately processed work planes on which there are traces of varnish, stains, nicks, scratches, etc. – a sign of a defective tool. The cutting edges of pliers must be perfectly smooth, without breaks, tips & ndash; thin, uniform in width and length. Crossings in the tool joint, when it is in the closed position, also suggests there is a problem that must be addressed.

Curettes, trimmers, scrapers

Depending on its shape steel curette may serve to clean under the free edge of the nail, as well as for sliding the cuticle and giving it the desired shape. In the latter case, it is best to use a tool with rounded edges, having a bending of the nail shape, that is the business end of it should be a semi-circle. The thickness of the edge of manicure instruments should not exceed 1.5 mm

Trimmer has two ends, one of which is in the form of vanes and serves for moving away from the surface of the cuticle of the nail, and the other is a small V- spearhead shaped. With this tool manicure nail purified from calloused and dry parts of the cuticle. Scrapers used manicure masters for the same purpose as the tools described above. As a rule, the scraper has two seating surfaces, while the blade may be very different configurations.

Nail files and tweezers

Tweezers are also referred to as manicure tools. They come in three types, and they differ in shape tip. To remove splinters use a pointed tweezers to remove unwanted hair with tweezers is straight ends; tool with slanted ends most practical and can be used in both cases.

Perfectly smooth inside of the working surface, perfect closing of the forceps jaws, providing a good grip of the hair, smooth tip and the outer area of ​​the blade – here are some of the main features by which you can determine the quality of manicure instruments.

Another nail tool, without which it is impossible to manage – nail file. Very convenient sapphire nail file with two different surfaces. There are also other kinds of nail files, such as ceramic, glass, crystal, or on a wooden base. Manicure nail files are selected according to the quality of the nail.

Manicure tool is to some extent a continuation of the hands of the master. On how nail tool is selected correctly it depends convenience and safety while working with cuticle and nail.

Sharpening Studio « Absolute » He knows about the manicure tools all. Ask, we'll help you make the only right choice!

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