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Prices for grinding, sharpening services tool

Sharpening: standard manicure tools Price
nail scissors: 300 rubles
nail clippers: 350 rubles
manicure tweezers Bishkek: 400 rubles
nail clippers: 350 rubles
all small items:
tweezers, scrapers, etc 250 rubles
Sharpening hairdressing tools Price
hairdresser's scisors: 400 rubles
thinning scissors: 450 rubles
hot scissors: 1000 rubles
knives for machines: 600 rubles
leaving you 200 + 200 rubles within the Ring Road
  250 + 250 RUB outside of Ring Road

Address sharpening studio

Персональный менеджер:

at first contact with our company in order to buy or sharpening tools, you leaves our employees, who will work with you in the future. You can always turn to him for advice, and get advice on buying or sharpening tool. Remember, we are here for you!

Check out from 1 tool sharpening (any manicure and hairdresser) or purchase plus sharpening tool to select in advance of possible directory.

Order on Moscow from any number: small product pusher, scrapers, tweezers, etc. & mdash; 250 rubles; Standard Manicure: scissors, clippers on other 300 — 400 rubles; hairdressing scissors: straight and thinning 400 rubles; knives on clippers 600 rubles.

Moscow 5 items & mdash; 350 rubles; hairdresser & mdash; 400 rubles. + Payment of the road.

Reliable and high-quality sharpening hairdressing and manicure tools requires high professional training, experience and specific skills, meticulous care of a wizard that will implement it. It is necessary to add on to this the excellent equipment, favorable conditions and a high level of service & ndash; and now your daily work will certainly be an easy, convenient and pleasant. Turning to our company to learn prices of services Sharpening of manicure and hairdressing tools, and trusting masters, you will not only get quality work, but also durable tools that will serve you for many more years. Just imagine that you can throw them away or replaced with new ones!

Speaking directly about our work, it is worth noting that we are trying to perform it only at a high level. All cutting and piercing tools sooner or later come into disrepair, blunted and ceasing to serve as high-class as before. Only professional sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools will help extend the life of the equipment, which directly affects the quality of your service. Responding to the quality of quality, you will be happy to work with sharpened tools, because now they will certainly carry out their functions even better than before sharpening!

Indeed, sharpening of tools for manicure workers and hairdressers & ndash; it is a real gift! This service you may need if you are running with scissors, clippers, tweezers and other cutting objects. And if you want the tool found & laquo; second wind & raquo ;, then it's time to go to the masters on sharpening. But sharpening hairdressing and manicure instruments concerns a lot of equipment, so what belongs to them? Thus, in the studio sharpening & laquo; Absolute & raquo ;, you can get help in sharpening the following tools:

  • Barber scissors;
  • Nail Scissors;
  • Cuticle Scissors;
  • Nail clipper;
  • Curettes and blades;
  • Nippers cuticle;
  • |Tweezers;
  • Scraper;
  • Tweezers;
  • Pusher;
  • Hairdressers tools and other general-purpose tools.

Prices for sharpening services manicure and hairdressing tools, of a destination, you can check on our website, and the company managers, contact us by phone. Very soon you will see that we do our job perfectly, with knowledge and care. Perhaps that is why we have so many satisfied customers. Today we offer you to join them, using the services of the studio sharpening & laquo; Absolute & raquo ;!

The best sharpening in the world today is the sharpening by hand (we are talking about sharpening hairdressing and manicure tools). & Laquo; Absolut sharpening & raquo; professional sharpening, calculated on the sharpness of the blade blades along the entire length, the tool is fully processed before the soft run. Feedback from our customers, sharpening lasts from months to three with heavy use.

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Services and prices sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools