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Sharpening of manicure and hairdressing tools

Manual sharpening - what it is?

Manual sharpening hairdressing and manicure instruments - is an art, which perfectly mastered the master ceases to be a craftsman. It becomes a real artist, a creator, able to breathe new life into any instrument to which the touch of his hand.
hand sharpening Art requires from the master the utmost of care and perseverance, clarity and accurate movements, high professional training, experience and expertise to fix the damage to a variety of tools.

How does it work?

Manual sharpening hairdressing and manicure tools is performed with a special sharpener, equipped with a standard metal plate with diamond-coated. You will surely agree to the fact that no one, even the most ultra-modern machine is not able to feel the tool so that they feel his sensitive hands of the master!

Moreover, none of the machine will not be able to fix a broken leg in your favorite pliers, rebuild cutting fabric of old, but such dear to your heart scissors restore slanting when accidentally dropped on the floor the tips of nail clippers ...

Before you begin sharpening your tools, the master will examine it carefully, will correct all defects.

Pre-adjustment is necessary, if:

  • move the instrument is accompanied by extraneous sounds, clicks and sticking;
  • the tool is too tight oron the contrary, too disorderly;
  • broken springs bend;
  • is present in the joint clearancetool.

Professional Manual sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools provides only minimal removal of metal with a cutting edge & nbsp.; Edged by hand, taking into account all the specific features, your tools will serve as long as possible, providing unrivaled comfort and ease during the & nbsp; work!

How long will keep sharpening tool, it depends on many factors, including those from the manner in which he was imprisoned. Only manual sharpening professional provides a specific tool blades refreshment, the presence of which can not be detected visually, but easy to feel at work!

Turning to the Studio sharpening "Absolute» , you give your tools a new life!

Professional Sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools - it is profitable

At first glance it may seem inexperienced that manual tool sharpening - the procedure unnecessarily expensive. But it is necessary to make simple calculations, it becomes quite obvious: sharpening of manicure and hairdressing tools - it is a huge cost savings

What is the benefit?

Let's count together: high-quality hand-sharpening manicure instruments in the studio sharpening "Absolute" will cost you 250 rubles. Expensive Not at all, because professionally sharpened tweezers, scissors or pliers will suffice you, at least 120 of manicures! This means that the next sharpening need only 1.5-2 months, and even later - it all depends on how carefully you & nbsp; handle the instrument and how often to use it.

Sharpening Hairdressing Scissors

Barbers : main tool is, of course, scissors. Scissors, as you know, there are several types:

  • Direct professional
  • Thinning
  • hot scissors

Variety of scissors, is also divided into the usual - for cutting and specialized - for a specific task, for example:

  • slaysing

Sharpen scissors - "specificity"

Sharpening Hairdressing Scissors requires a special approach to each product (individual), that is, for each specific scissors. Thus, for example, scissors slaysinga require some polishing to achieve the desired cutting blade, while Thinning scissors and some types of self sharpen scissors , the master hones with only one hand blade. As a professional master barber scissors used most often cost 50 euros, which is not uncommon hairdressing scissors can cost several thousand euros, the demand for sharpening services in this niche is big enough. But sharpening hairdressing scissors is an art, in which it is better not to be mistaken with a master's sharpening hairdressing and manicure tools. Master sharpener, able to sharpen all kinds of tools in this niche valued very highly, since sharpening manicure and hairdressing tools is the experience of many years of practice and proper training initially.

Hair scissors also need sharpening, although slightly less than the manicure tools. Cost professional hairdressing scissors is sometimes more than a thousand rubles, and the quality manual Grind - from 300 to 500 rubles. And considering that the master every day we have to use several types of scissors - thinning, from slide cut , hot , and so on, it becomes quite obvious that the timely and sharpening their competent - a very justifiable investment!

knife sharpening on hair clipper.

sharpen knives machines with a special paste on the glass. According to the masters of grinding is the most labor-intensive work: the sharpening of knives for machines of the tainted toothpaste removes burrs and metal, with the blade teeth giving them a sharpness, whereby the desired hair cut is achieved

And now, just imagine how much money you would have to spend if & nbsp; each time as blunting manicure or hairdressing tools have to buy new ...

Manual sharpening tool in the "Absolute" studio - it is profitable and very practical. See for yourself! . 20.04.2009 - See below: Services and Prices

The proposals are in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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