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Sharpening of manicure instruments

Professional sharpening of manicure instruments «FEATURES»

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For each master nail service it is very important tool. When you get used to the good, and works easier and easier. However, nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, pushers and blades are blunt and feature come thus unusable. Then come to the aid of such a service as sharpening manicure instruments.

At first glance, sharpening manicure tool - it is not so and difficult, and it can handle any kind of service master. However, the reality is not so simple. What are the features of sharpening manicure instruments?

1. Many of the new cutters even have a play in the joint. An experienced master the very first business   I must correct this play, otherwise it is simply impossible to achieve proper convergence of the cutting tool parts.

The second very important point - nail clippers are very sensitive to the falls . After such attacks have become dull and bent noses, so that they have to be restored, and sometimes create new. This is a very time-consuming and laborious process. But experts engaged tool sharpening manicure know , it is important to masters of nail service, and possess a variety of techniques and quality of its restoration.

2. In contrast to the hairdressers, sharpening of nail scissors also has its own characteristics. Frequently damage - dulling of the cutting edges and inner surfaces, due to the fact that the scissors are used not only for cutting cuticles, and Nail. In such cases, the master has to fully restore the fabric, their noses and carefully polished to restore the previous cutting properties.

3. The most difficult moment when sharpening of manicure tweezers - to achieve full convergence of sponge forceps along the entire length, or at work, the cuticle will simply slip ( or tear ).

4. A simpler , but no less important procedure - sharpening blades and pushers . Here the main role is played by polishing tool and giving the correct form.

These nuances and subtleties can not be studied in any institute or college. All master sharpening of manicure instruments get their experience only practical way. And when behind dozens of kilograms peretochennogo iron sharpener becomes a true professional, able to understand the customer, and do exactly what he needs - quickly and qualitatively.

Sharpening tools - manicure, pedicure.

Sharpening of manicure scissors , scissors, nail scissors kutikulnyh, nakozhnits, sharpening scissors for skin.

This group includes all three types of scissors:

  • nail scissors
  • skin scissors
  • universal skin scissorsnail

The sharpening scissors harder with the universal.

Here it combined two different rules for sharpening. At the bottom of the blade cavity nail for the top, to the skin.

Sharpening of cutters polish

Clippers nail clippers is, manicure tool that masters use for the skin and nails. We shared these concepts in the tweezers and pliers. In general, there is no such expressions as tweezers, a word unknown to the dictionary of the Russian language; there tongs, but it is no longer cutting pliers. So, in the world of manicure, well, at least among the masters of the Exile , called forceps instrument used for nails, while the tongs, tool for skin and cuticles.

Sharpening nail cutters

Sharpening nail cutters is done manually using a diamond blade inside (special abrasive coated ) themselves clippers less finicky than tweezers. After initial processing and sharpening, nail clippers are brought to the light and easy to cut special. equipment using a polishing paste.

Sharpening of manicure tweezers

Sharpening of manicure tweezers itself beneficial manicure master in the first place, as asked an interesting question for yourself, and that you can use instead of tweezers? The main thing is the convenience and comfort of work well, money has value because you can buy tweezers at least 450 rubles because of, and not the fact that they will be professionally sharpened. You do not plan, I believe, buy cheap tweezers every day since 7. When sharpening the nail clippers are many operations and then clean cut cuticle from a light touch! Sharpening kept for quite a long time so that you work quickly without damaging the cuticle and with pleasure!

Professional hairdressing scissors , in their manufacture are subjected to quality control, the quality control is called "laser". This is not laser sharpening , but only check the angle of sharpening and density clamping blades. Read more: Tool sharpening hairdressing and manicure

Sharpening of tweezers

Correct sharpening of tweezers is to pinching tweezers rather than tearing of hair and cut it in half, tweezers should pluck hair from the root forceps blade on both sides at the same time will smooth any roughness . Polished tweezers thus provides a smooth and leaves scratches in the face and skin. This is a fundamentally important aspects of tweezers for any beautician . . See below: About sharpening

Clean tools for manicure

After each use, the tool must be treated nail solution ( sanitized ) or better in the water wash tools which may lead to degradation especially at the junction. If for some reason the instrument was still watered, dry it as soon as possible better suited for this use a hair dryer. The idea is that the water if the tool is left wet with time erodes it, and it washes away the oil in the joint, therefore, after washing dry and lubricate with engine oil.

Cleaning also extends tool life by removing moisture , and other waste material. To manicure tools with a sharp edge, it is best to use special caps for the extension of sharpening service. So you'll be much longer use their tools before the next sharpening.

Sharpening of manicure tools

Sharpening of manicure tools is somewhat more complicated procedure than removing rust. Some tools, such as pliers, tweezers, scissors, tweezers, scrapers require polishing after sharpening. Depending on how dull, some tools may require session high diamond and grinding stones.

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